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Special Request – SurveyMonkey for your inputs!

by | Oct 5, 2020 | x -Do Not Use - System Created - x

When I started out these posts, the intent was to say something Positive, Interesting, Unique, and Helpful for this complicated season.  To continue this, and I would love to make it as impactful for you and others as possible.  For that, I need your feedback through this survey: Leading With Music Survey.   It should take the same 5 minutes, the commitment I limit my writing to.

Before this started a friend gave me a book about Habits, which claims that if you do something for 21 to 28 days it will stick.  In my Positive Intelligence class they gave us a bit longer – because we tend as humans to not do it “perfectly” – so multiplied by 50% efficiency is 40 days… and for slow learners like me, make it a couple of months (60 days).  If you are still reading these daily, it has now been 196 days… in a row – that is 29 weeks.  And for me, that is a new Virtue of sticking with something – which is not a core competency…

…with full disclosure, what makes them fun for me is the range of readers and backgrounds…demographics from teens through retirees, and people in industries from the internet to health care to academia, from individual contributors to executives, and a number that are self-employed – or should be 😉   Can I actually come up with something every day to say that is worth saying given the constraints of the topic, the artist, the framework, and knowing the wide disparity of readers?  That challenge – and your comments and support along the way, drive me.

I would appreciate your time on the survey and also to write back occasionally on the various platforms.  Sharing them with friends and family is also gratifying as I believe references are the purest form of support.  I have some topics already queued up through the end of the year, along with some artists and stories that have been suggested along the way.  I would also love to have you contribute a post or a week of posts if you are interested.  Reach out.

Please take the time to leave me some good insights, and I will be using them to improve our journey together. The survey again is:

Leading With Music Survey