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renewing and ReLaunching leadingWithMusic

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Change, Europe, renew

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What have you been renewing?

The days of summer are waning, and I hope you have had a chance to renew a bit. We have had the great fortune to gather with our extended family a number of times, which helped me reflect a bit on what the last few years have taught us.  And not surprisingly, that has tightened my focus on the power of Music to transform each of us – as Leaders, Parents, and just people. And as we head into the fall, as loyal members of the leadingWithMusic community, I wanted to give you early access to what that focus has resulted in. The result of a small team that has been working for the last few months, it will continue to evolve and emerge as we re-engage with our growing audience… and we need your help. 

Browse the Bands and Leadership Topics

One of the biggest changes to the site with the Browse function, where you will see 2 ways to find stories. One is based on Bands – including genres of music from Rock to Classical.  And also, you can see the Leadership Topics that might be interesting to you – and the people/teams you are working with. That will bring up a page that lists all of the posts in the empower order.  You can click on one, click on the song, and by the time the song is over, you should have learned something fun about the band/artist, a takeaway point about leadership, and maybe a story from my background to pull it together.  There are buttons at the bottom to read the next one, or the previous one.

The Weekly Summary will be… 

… Most of you have been reading The Weekly Summary.  Hopefully, the Browse page looks familiar – our intention is for that to replace the Weekly Summary. We will also expand a bit on the “why” story of both the Band and Leadership Topic as we have more room. This will also be posted to LinkedIn where it will become the cornerstone of a “new” newsletter targeting that professional audience. Coinciding with a relaunch and refocus on empoweringLEADERS, we believe this will help us accomplish one of our major missions – to bring music back into the workplace. Particularly as more of us have gotten accustomed to working at home, I hope music has become an integral part of your own daily practice. 

and the Daily will continue...

And many of you enjoy the daily reminder to take 5 minutes to start or end your day with music and a story about leadership. We will continue that process, and you will only need to ensure your settings on MailChimp indicate that preference. We will likely publish the Summary on the Browse page after the weekly posts, but frankly, this is still being worked out.

…which is where we need your help…

For now, I would love your general feedback on the concept, site, etc – here.  I also am always looking for new leadership topics and music/bands to feature. Particularly on the later, I covet music that is well known to “younger” people 😉  As my own kids left the house, I lost touch with what “kids” listen to and could use input on artists and bands that will resonate with the 20/30/40 demographic. Also, the new site makes it even easier to share these posts to most social media sites. We would love for you to share ones that resonate with you, and even add your own leadership stories. Spreading the word about this campaign about changing the workplace to be more satisfying and rewarding – renewing if you will… we need you for that.

Where are engaging next???

On the music front, there will be more to come about helping you build Spotify playlists (like this one for my coaching group or this one for a women’s retreat) for your meetings, and also how to leverage music specifically for teams using a platform I am leveraging, anthym. As always, I would love to hear from you either by email or by a meeting here – particularly if you have an opportunity to bring Music into a workspace that is meaningful to you. And our main business site, empoweringLEADERS is about a month behind the launch process, and we would love your input on it also – here

For now, I hope that you have a great wind-down of the summer into the long weekend. Thanks again for your continuing support for what has gone from a strange side project to something that we are all committed to really using to change the world around us. It does often feel like it could be The Final Countdown, but I for one, am excited to bring my passion and focus to the fore, and I hope these help you lead in your own world.

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