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Each week we feature a different band or artist, sometimes a few. Read articles covering the bands or topics below.


Bands & Artists

Your brain wants what it knows… and craves to learn things it doesn’t. Music is the perfect vehicle for both of those. We select a combination of proven artists with cuts from deeper on the albums or playlists that you may not know. We also challenge us all to try new genres of music that we are not familiar with, to see what we can learn that is both familiar and different. If we get the balance right, it will give you a pleasant dose of dopamine, and just enough tension to encourage your brain to start your day with learning in mind.

Leadership Topics

Topics for each week are selected from challenges that have been experienced by leaders at all levels of various organizations. They come from actual life experiences, and are often highlighted with personal stories that are “anonymous” for everyone but the author 😉 They are built around best practices and approaches that have been proven to work, mostly because the opposite is what was tried. Each article can stand alone, and also fits into a framework of 7 articles that stick together on a topic and group to illustrate it from those different perspectives.

For a deeper dive into the empower framework, visit this page.

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