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Leadership topic - Little Feat

One definition of Leadership is looking behind you – if there are Feet following you, then you are… and if not, well you might want to try something different 😉  Using the soundtrack from Little Feat, a band that other bands followed and revered, we consider the different approaches to getting Leaders and Followers connected.

I chose them to celebrate a holiday that is now controversial… and was in the title of one of their best albums. Recorded live in both the UK and the “new world”, it highlighted what I loved most about Little Feat. They were always a musicians band, never really hitting it big with popular audiences, but FM Album Rock stations would feature them and the amazing blend of blues, rock, and funk.

If you are a Phish fan, you will recognize that the jam bands revel in Little Feat setlists, to the point they recreated this album for a show of their own for Halloween 2010.   You will also hear also the Tower of Power horn section who toured with them often. Listen along as we study how to get Followers – and their Feet to follow us a leaders.