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Goal wonder

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Goals, KISS, wonder

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Wonder if Goals will actually produce what you are hoping for? If not SMART, then what should they be? And what happens when you get there? Will it really be what you wanted in the first place?

My Goal was to encourage wonder, leadership, and musical talent…

“DAD!!! I am keeping the time – NOT you!!!” Ok then – so much for the Goal of playing music together 😉 It was during practice with the Church band we had both joined as we attempted to support “Contemporary Worship”. The chance to actually play with him was wonderful… and being 17, frustrating to us both. But his kickdrum was in fact better… and allowed me to relax, and simply wonder what was happening – both on stage… and with me…

… I had grown up around the natural thing for my generation – piano lessons, and mostly classical music. My earliest teacher however was an amazing observer and quickly wondered if I played by ear, and didn’t really follow the “rules” – the notes on the page. She also realized that I was bored with classical, and found me “contemporary” pieces to play – including the Doors “Light My Fire” – which if you wonder, my version, bore little resemblance to what you have playing in your head now…

…how did KISS wonder about Goals…after their success??

By now KISS was a huge act, particularly after their album Alive! captured the true wonder of them at their best. Today’s video is from 1977 at one of the greatest venues in rock – The Cap Centre outside of DC. The Goal to truly be a mega-act had been achieved … and now, right in rhythm, what would bind them together for the next phase? The wonder of Goals achieved is they appear somewhat underwhelming once you are there, and then the challenge is to reinvent them/yourselves/your team. In their case, like the kick drum beat of most bands, they slowly broke apart, actually presaging the Survivor TV series method of voting each other out of the band.

My parents helped me wonder… and also led me in a different way…

My parents knew I was musical, and encouraged it enough to give me a great foundation, particularly for singing and harmony. And – they held me back during the formative years by not allowing me to get a drum set – my earliest dream from the 3rd grade. I had guitar lessons in high school – alone in a closet with a taped recording of Chet Atkins… after my dance classes. That did not last long 😉 As I became a parent, I saw what that was about. Playing music is great fun – being IN music is extremely harsh as a living. 

My wife gave me guitar lessons as an adult – one of the greatest gifts ever, and something I am intending to pick back up this year – a Goal to actually play more… in every wonderful definition of that word. The teacher came to my house, and I squeezed lessons in between business trips that were less and less satisfying. I started to wonder which lessons were more “valuable”, and what my Goals really were. It was the first twinge of what eventually became this new career path, and new Goals that is the melody playing here… daily…

The wonder of Goals is they are not often what you think…

One of my best professional lessons was what it took to bind a team together. I thought it was Goals – and had a consultant come in to “teach us” how to do a Balanced Scorecard. Eventually, the team came together – mostly in opposition to the consultant, to the point that I had to let her go. She was right, but not effective – at least not in the way she intended. She did teach me the wonder of teams is finding something they all agree on, and can more importantly see themselves in. Daniel Pink uncovered management research from the 40’s that confirmed this in his great book DRiVE.

wonder where you going… and what Goals will get you there?

Your job, should you choose to accept it Mr. Phelps, is to wonder about what “that” Goal is now for you … and your team. A gentle clue – it is more some collective vision of the future – far enough out that it is unclear it is achievable… by anyone. And that is another clue if you parse that word differently… any ONE. Things worth achieving with a Team have to be done TOGETHER. The wonder of most Teams is that they don’t do the one simple thing that is critical. Yes – it is that Simple if you have the right people and the right set of common directions that often are confusingly called “Goals”.

My youngest saved up enough money to buy himself a guitar… and no wonder, I asked my guitar teacher to give him some lessons. He became pretty good – WAY better than me – and then, decided he wanted to be a drummer. If your kid wants to be a drummer, just be aware that means you host band practice as those are hard to move… and even in the basement… well you get the wonder of supporting musicians. Here on the church stage, I was seeing this Goal come to fruition. Not only a great drummer, but a leader in his own space – standing up and playing his role. In your work or family, what Goals are you REALLY focused on…and what is that true north for you? For me – Calling Dr. Love!!

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