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Tales to empower Your Leadership Growth


Based on over 40 years of leading Global Technology Teams, we have gathered the best practices for professional leaders into our own model known as empower™.  This seven-step framework is designed to help professionals organize feedback, assess their own and others performance, and develop new skills needed for success as a leader.

Discover the lessons that empower leaders through the unsung tales of music’s greatest legends.


For even more information and resources related to the empower framework, visit our site dedicated to leadership coaching services.

empoweringLEADERS Methodology Visual

empoweringLEADERS engage in clear communication throughout their organizations.

empowering leaders manage resources efficiently and effectively.

empowering leaders partner with clients and staff to produce world class results.

empowering leaders observe and rapidly respond to critical opportunities.

empowering leaders wonder about changes in the market and drive innovation.

empowering leaders execute tasks critical to business success flawlessly.

empowering leaders renew and motivate teams to continually do more with less.

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