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Leadership topic - The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers – are.  Unlike say the Thompson Twins, or Pink Floyd (…which one is Pink?), they are ACTUALLY brothers.  Raised in Concord, North Carolina, they had no intention of playing what most people call Bluegrass – Hillbilly Jazz.

They both had the typical High School rock bands that went no-where-ish… and after both failed, they left to start noodling around together, and realized together they had something.  It was not unexpected: their Grandmother and Father were both musical.  After working for a few years, they had enough of a following to record an album of their own – on their own nickel.

So they have been an 18-year “overnight success”.  There is an amazing documentary about the Avetts that I would offer as alternative programming.  While May it Last will spoil some stories coming up, you get the sense that the band really is a “family”. It permeates all of their music – the sense that this journey is better because they are all together.  And they don’t paste over the bad patches – they are in there.  Divorces, disabilities – you know – real-life… live, unplugged, and much of it like these years, unplanned…They are the perfect soundtrack for our consideration of Thanks and also Promise.