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Leadership topic - William Ackerman

Me, writing about Patient, for a week – that must have brought a few smiles to your faces. Or at least I hope so. It is not something I come to easily, if ever really, but have found ways that I can get close. The music of Windham Hill is a welcome soundtrack, with an ironic back story that I hope will encourage your own journey.

When I am looking for some quiet concentration music, it is always William Ackerman that I go to.  Guitar – check.  Quiet – check.  Innovative – check.  He had been shown a new approach to the guitar by a roommate at a private school in Massachusetts… open tuning.  It allows you to strum the guitar and it makes a “pleasant sound” – ie a chord, without any fingers.  It allowed him to rapidly get better, and after returning to his home in Palo Alto to attend Stanford, he started developing a following, particularly playing for theater groups.  Friends suggested he could release his music and he paid to have it recorded and came out with an album … that literally changed the face of music.  The term New Age – came from this album, and the label he started – Windham Hill.

So be Patient and learn about a man whose lack of this changed music, and see what you learn about “quiet” leadership to help your own journey.